Most of us have spent a lifetime working to secure certain substantial assets, such as our homes and retirement accounts. As we age and the level of care that we need grows, the cost of that care can threaten those assets.

Growing health care costs need not threaten the ownership of your home or the depletion of accounts that you have spent decades building. A skilled and experienced elder law attorney can help you understand what steps are most effective in protecting your assets.

Too often, people wait until there is some sort of crisis or a threat to their assets is imminent. Take action now to protect your assets in the future. A well-devised asset protection strategy can provide peace of mind and help you preserve what you have worked so hard for.


Medicaid is a valuable resource for covering the costs of long-term care. Even those who believe that they have sufficient assets to cover their long-term care costs need to analyze their finances and consider the possibility that they may need the benefit of Medicaid.

Routine long-term care costs often exceed people’s expectations and level of preparation. Should more extensive care be necessary, Medicare will not cover that care cost. A family may quickly find itself “spending down” assets to a poverty level.  Proper planning can help protect your home and savings.

Taking action now to optimize your finances for a potential Medicaid application can give you peace of mind that all is in order should you need it. When applying for Medicaid, you will need to submit a five-year report on your finances. Even gifts to children can create problems. We can help ensure that the financial choices you make leave you well suited for the Medicaid application process. Additionally, when it is time to apply for Medicaid, we advocate for you and can facilitate this difficult process.

Nursing Homes

Does a loved one need long-term care immediately?  Do you need help finding ways to finance it? Or do you simply anticipate the need coming in the future?

At the Law Office of Kathleen M. Toombs, we can help you put together financial and legal strategies to ensure that your loved one receives the care he or she needs. We help you find the most cost-effective alternatives and assist you in preparing for nursing home admissions and financing.

Long-Term Care

Our approach is highly customized to the individual needs and goals of the client. We will go through finances, assets and financial history to determine what resources are available for long-term care financing. Based on that review we will recommend options that will best serve the client’s interests with a view to the future.

We provide assistance with a wide range of long-term care concerns, including:

  • Nursing home applications
  • Financial disclosure requirements
  • Financial responsibility
  • Admissions agreements and contracts
  • We will counsel you about the many available programs and facilities, including community-based programs and in-home care. Putting together a realistic picture of your situation, we can help you understand what to expect through the coming years.

In preparing for critical government assistance applications, we will forecast potential government questions and objections. We will develop and document satisfactory answers that will best prepare you for whatever is likely to be asked.

New York and Schenectady Nursing Home Planning Lawyer

It is common for individuals to find themselves needing nursing home and long-term care options immediately due to a health crisis or injury. The person can’t go home, and state law requires that they take the first available nursing home within a 60-mile radius, regardless of preference. In addition to the strain of the health concerns, there are heavy decisions to be made by family and friends, often with little or no guidance.

We work quickly to help these individuals understand the process and obtain the best placement possible.

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