Haitian Orphanage

Haitian Orphanage — multiple aspects to this projects — filled 6 50 gallon drums with food, books and fabric and other necessities. Two of the thank you notes received from children at orphanage.

New Sewing Center at Orphanage

These sewing centers provide jobs for Haitian women, supplies of essential items to their communities, and women’s health education. At the sewing centers, women construct reusable menstrual pad kits, diapers, baby blankets, and other sewable items as needed. The sewing centers are designed to provide long-lasting support to these villages through job creation and educational opportunities.

Teaching Younger Children a Skill

Improving the quality of education in communities and assisting children in developing new skills, and motivating them to succeed. Helping them while giving them the ability to start at their level of comfort and can work at their own pace. While learning a new skill.

Cooking with Gas

The Clean Cooking Alliance, a U.N.-backed coalition that produced the report, said innovative approaches to help the poor in developing nations cook more cleanly are growing by mean of Gas Cooking. The widespread use of charcoal for cooking in African cities can cause devastating damage to forests up to 300 kilometers away and many health problems.

Concentration with Rhoda

Early literacy is critical to a child’s success. Children who begin school with poor reading skills quickly fall behind and struggle to catch up. Kids living in poverty, with few or no books, are especially at risk. Learning to read is a major foundational skill which strongly correlates with both academic and vocational success. Rotary Clubs can be an integral part of the early development of children throughout the community.

Clean Water

Most of Haiti’s water sources are contaminated. Haiti’s water problem is wide spread, and there isn’t a person in country that isn’t affected by it in some way. We believe we can make a difference. The filters are simple to use and they don’t require any replacement parts, so there is no ongoing maintenance cost for the family using it. Bio-sand filters can filter most source water, so people can use the water they have available to them. Many of the communities we work in are very rural and far away from any option of buying treated water, so this is a key thing.

Voice of Compassion School

Voice of Compassion Inc. (VOC) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose purpose is to fulfill  the spiritual, physical, and educational needs of people around the world. We are involved in many different life enrichment, disaster relief, and mission support fundraising activities.

A rescued cat, labeled “unmanageable”

There are so many cats who are great with people but terrified of other cats. They don’t always make a great first impression on potential adopters if they’re in a shelter surrounded by other cats, but they’ll flourish once they’re in a home with you. I encourage cat lovers to adopt their new best friend at a local shelter or rescue.

Glenville Fitness Park

Dedication of fitness park at Indian Meadows Park, Glenville New York with YMCA personnel, Senator Jim Tedisco, Town Supervisor Koetzle and Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh.
The YMCA and Hannaford were also present to provide demonstrations of the equipment and provide tips for healthy eating. Thanks to the Glenville Rotary for the installation and maintenance of our fitness park!

Glenville Field of Flags

The Glenville Rotary continues to support Veteran’s and honor those that have served in our military. We continue to host the “Field of Flags” display that is featured in the Schenectady County Veteran’s Park – at the intersection of State Route 50 and Freemans’ Bridge Road. The flags are displayed each year – in May for Memorial Day, and then again in November for Veteran’s Day.

Glenville Story Trail

Experience great children’s stories in a unique way with a walk along the Story Trail at Indian Meadows. The Story Trail is a self-directed learning opportunity which consists of a deconstructed children’s book with pages mounted separately along the .3 mile trail. The trail begins just beyond the park playground. As you stroll down the trail, you’re directed to the next page in the story. This is a fun way to promote literacy and exercise for the whole family. Thanks to the Glenville Rotary for the installation and maintenance of this fun addition to the park!

Legacy Project

These heroes came from all walks of life, were of all races and creeds, and shared a common spirit in their military service. We value all their lives and will create a place that will tell their story and honor that service.

Glenville Rotary

With Glenville Rotary — building a 200′ pedestrian bridge through park wetlands — connecting Anderson Dog Park with Indian Meadows Park, Glenville, New York

Glenville Oktoberfest

Glenville Oktoberfest Event Treasurer and coordinator since 2014. Voted “Best Local Event 2022” with Glenville Town Supervisor Chris Koetzle and Glenville Business and Professional Association President Jim Valachovic

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